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The Weather Station

Is a VantagePRO 2 Plus in wireless version.

It is powered by solar power and can therefore be used completely independently.
The energy consumption is so low that one hour of sunlight per day suffices,
to ensure reliable operation of the station.
For details, see the document link.

The console

All data is received in the console
and forwarded to the Meteohub via the data logger.

The console with its display shows all relevant data.

The display can be illuminated.
It also has alarm functions that are individually adjustable

The ISS unit

Is 0.6096 yd above ground on a mounting tripod installed.

Long range of sensors (standard 273.41 yd, with repeater up to 0.932 miles).
Outside temperature, humidity, precipitation are measured.
Active ventilation (fan) prevents heat accumulation.

The Anemometer

Was attached to an aluminum telescopic mast

mounted at 49.21 ft
and sends its data via a separate anemometer transmitter.

The UV sensor and solar radiation sensor

were mounted on the mast in 49.21 ft height,
these are linked to an extension to the ISS,
to keep the shading as low as possible.

Wireless Leaf & Soil Moisture / Temperature Station

With this wireless station you will be able to get 2x Leaf Wetness Sensor,

4x temperatures and 4x soil moisture at any location to capture.
These data are transmitted by radio to your VantagePro weather station.

--> 1x Leaf Wetness Sensor (heated with a heating foil 24V / 5W) as a rain sensor

--> 2x temperature sensors + 1,97 in &  - 1,97 in

--> 2x soil moisture sensors at different locations.

These are reproduced in unit cb.

0cb = 100% wet to max.200cb = 100% dry.

Ground measurement field:

--> Two temperature sensors
( Temperature sensor 1,97 in above floor & floor temperature sensor- 1,97 in)

--> Two soil moisture sensors

Due to the location u. Soil (heavy soil)

slow approach of value.
The values are sent via a line to the
Wireless Leaf & Soil Moisture / Temperature Station Transfer.

Rain gauge heating

My rain gauge at the ISS is about the RMH PRO
(an automatic rain gauge heating) heated.

Information / Instruction manual

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